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Trapped Nerve
Treatment for Trapped Nerve symptoms such as Sciatica can be found at the Solihull Back Pain Clinic. Treatment for a trapped nerve in Solihull is a phone call away.  Atlas do not employ Solihull Chiropractors as they are skilled in manipulation of the spine and treating trapped nerves.

The Solihull back pain specialist at the Atlas Pain Relief Centre will diagnose your condition and provide treatment to relieve your pain and free the symptoms of trapped nerves.

Trapped Nerves or pinched nerves can be found in the low back and neck which will give you nerve root irritation.  Nerve root irritation can be mechanical meaning that something is physically pressing against or trapping the nerve.

It can also be chemical, which means that a damaged disc will leak the contents which spill onto the nerve sheath and cause irritation.

Bulging discs and Prolapsed discs are the most common cause of nerve root irritation.  The disc can bulge and press against the exiting nerve root causing nerve pain. This is often described as a slipped disc
Trapped nerve in the neck can give pain into the shoulder, arm, hand and fingers.  Depending on which fingers are affected will determine which one of the 3 nerves have been compromised.

Pins and needles, tingling, numbness, loss of sensation, burning pains are all symptoms described relating to nerve pain

Radial nerve is the nerve that runs down to your thumb and index finger, The Median nerve supplies the middle fingers and the Ulnar nerve supplies the little finger.  This is appoximate because they overlap slightly and are described as dermatones.

You can also have nerve irritation at the brachial plexus (armpit region) and carpal tunnel (wrist) and sometimes the ulnar nerve can get trapped in the elbow.

In the low back you generally have the lowest 3 discs which are more prone to disc prolapse.