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Sports Massage Solihull
Sports Massage in Solihull is available at the Solihull Back Pain Clinic.  Back pain can be caused by tight hamstrings or tight quadriceps and a Solihull sports massage therapist at the Atlas Clinic can provide soft tissue manipulation and stretching for tight muscles.

Back massage and deep tissue massage to low back muscles that are in spasm can help relieve back pain and improve movement.

Common muscles involved in back pain are the quadratus lumborum (QL) Iliopsoas (hip flexors) and hamstrings
Erector Spinae muscles are the muscles that run alongside your spine and keep your back erect.  They are subject to a lot of strain during activity and will often spasm in an attempt to protect your spine from further injury.
Atlas supply massage therapists for events and offsite massage. Sports Massage at running events, concerts and
shows are all catered for.

The therapist at Solihull is well equipped to provide massage off site as well as in a clinic setting
Our Sports Therapist in Solihull and Sports Massage therapist offer a wide variety of skills in massage techniques including deep tissue massage, remedial massage, relaxation massage and stretching techniques involving MET, PNF, passive and active stretching routines.
UKA elite athlete receiving sports massage
Hamstring stretch
Quad stretch to ultra triathlete
Event sports massage
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