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Shoulder Pain Clinic
Shoulder Pain Treatments in Solihull at the Solihull Shoulder Pain Clinic.  Shoulder Specialists have come together to provide a specialist shoulder pain clinic for Solihull patients. The Solihull Shoulder Pain Clinic offers access to Diagnostic Ultrasound Scanning and MRI Scans at nearby Spires Parkway Hospital

Specialist Orthopaedic Shoulder Consultants can visit the clinic and provide anti inflammatory injections and if needed referral for shoulder keyhole surgery.

Shoulder physiotherapy for rotator cuff problems and frozen shoulder can be provided by our specialist Shoulder Physiotherapist
Shoulder pain is generally hard to treat and requires accurate diagnosis and swift intervention.  Do not leave it as it generally gets worse!

Anyone who has had shoulder pain knows how painful it is, restricted movement, sharp pain and lack of sleep if you roll onto it.  Leaving it is not the answer, pain killers will not resolve the problem and physiotherapy exercises will take forever.

Visit the Atlas Pain Relief Centre Shoulder Clinic in Solihull and get an accurate diagnosis and a fast resolution to your shoulder pain.  We only use the best practitioners and consultants so you are in safe hands.
Shoulder joint and shoulder girdle can both cause problems and can be treated at the Solihull shoulder clinic.

Muscle inbalances and trigger points can cause shoulder problems but most shoulder joint pain is caused by some form of impingement.
Winged scapular - shoulder girdle problem