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Sacroiliac Joint Pain
Sacroiliac joint pain can often be described as sacroiliac joint dysfunction or SIJD which is basically a sacroiliac joint problem of no known cause.  Many will attempt to blame hypermobility, rotated ilia, or twisted pelvis as the cause.  Sacroiliac joint belts are offered as a solution with limited success.

Causes may be simple but complex and may begin after bending down to tie shoelaces or swinging a golf club.  Often the patient has done nothing significant to cause the problem but the symptoms can be severe.

If you have one sided low back pain, groin pain, hip pain or referred pain into the top of the leg then you may be describing sacroiliac joint pain. Solihull Back Pain Clinic have a cure for most Inflamed Sacroiliac Joints.

Sacroiliac pain is very often mistaken for back pain and lumbar disc prolapse.  It is commonly mistaken for sciatica or arthritis of the hip.  In fact the sacroiliac joint is very misunderstood and is so common that I believe it is responsible for over 60% of reported back pain.  This statement is based on 15 years experience treating this condition which on average sees more than 70 cases of sacroiliac joint pain every month at the Atlas Pain Relief group of clinics.
Sacroiliac Joint pain treated successfully at Solihull Back Pain Clinic
Solihull Osteopath John Williams has many years experience treating sacroiliitis and inflamed sacroiliac joints.  Often overlooked as a cause of low back pain, the sacroiliac joint can be difficult to diagnose and treat. The good news is that Atlas Pain Relief Centre in Solihull has developed a unique treatment plan to treat this condition and the success rate has been very effective over a 10 year period.  Most patients are pain free and mobile in 6 treatments!

Atlas launched a dedicated sacroiliac joint pain website in 2013
Atlas have a cure for sacroiliac joint pain!
Designed by Solihull Osteopath and Physiotherapist the Atlas Sacroiliitis treatment protocol is unique and found knowhere else.  The sacroiliac joint pain will show nothing when scanned by MRI or Xray and Consultants when faced with treating this condition tend to inject the joint with little effect.  Far easier and more effective, the Atlas Sacroiliac Joint Pain treatment is safe, simple, painless and quick.

Sacroiliac joint dysfunction specialist talks on video