Solihull Back Pain Clinic
Solihull - Birmingham
Physiotherapy for back pain
Physiotherapy in Solihull from private physiotherapist.  Atlas Back Pain Relief Centre in Solihull is the place to visit for physiotherapy on you back or neck if you are in pain or have restricted movement.

As an alternative to Solihull Chiropractor treatments for back pain Atlas can offer a Solihull physiotherapist who specialises in back pain and neck pain.

Bulging discs in your back can be treated with physiotherapy techniques and specialised exercises offered to strengthen weak postural muscles and stretch out tight restrictive muscles. Spinal manipulations can be carried out on misaligned vertebrae if necessary.

Back pain treatment is what we do well and many Solihull back pain sufferers visit our Solihull physiotherapist for help.
Trapped nerve symptoms like sciatica give pain down the buttocks, leg, calf and foot if severe.  This is often a trapped nerve or pinched nerve in the low back.  Causes could be a bulging disc or prolapsed disc which is pressing against the exiting nerve root.

When pain is acute and the patient cannot walk well or stand properly then urgent treatment can be introduced to relieve pain. 

Electrotherapy is ideal for pain relief if used correctly and Atlas Back Pain Clinic in Solihull will use this treatment option to reduce your pain and get you moving again.
Spinal manipulation to low back
Pelvic treatment
No waiting times for private physiotherapy in Solihull if you are a self funding or private health insurance patient.

Dont wait for NHS back pain treatment if you are in pain, fast appointment slots available at local Solihull Clinic