Solihull Back Pain Clinic
Solihull - Birmingham
Osteopath for back pain
Solihull Back Pain Clinic offer you a Solihull Osteopath as an alternative to a Solihull Chiropractor for treatment of back pain

Osteopaths can manipulate spinal segments, realign your back and pelvis and free up nerves that may be giving trouble.

Low back pain and backache may be muscular and muscular pain can be relieved with deep massage techniques and electrotherapy.

Solihull osteopath John Williams
Solihull Osteopath John Williams has many years experience treating back pain and neck pain and has a no nonsense approach to treatment.  Speedy diagnostic assessment means you are treated for the problem you have.
Far too many patients arrive at the clinic without being given a diagnosis.  Some have been treated elsewhere for years without a diagnosis.  This is madness, you cannot fix something if you do not know what you are treating!

Visit the Solihull Back Pain Clinic for the back pain specialist advice you need.  We work closely with orthopaedic consultants and are providers for all private medical insurance companies.
Sacroiliac Joint Pain is easily treated at Atlas as we have developed a speciatist treatment for it.  This is unique to Atlas and works in most of cases of sacroiliac joint pain.

Back Pain treatment in Solihull is what we offer and we have a specialist practitioner dedicated to treating back pain.

Disc Bulges and Prolapsed Disc can be identified by examination, Ultrasound Scan or an MRI Scan and swift intervention applied to help you achieve a faster recovery.