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Back pain can be split into many areas but often affects either the spine, ligaments, discs, muscles and nerves.  Occasionally bone can be the tissue causing symptoms but this is less common than soft tissue causes. 

Solihull Back Pain Clinic offer a back pain specialist who understand the causes of back pain and neck pain and can offer a swift diagnosis on the cause of your discomfort.  Only when you know what is causing your pain can you hope to address the problem.

Back pain treatment in Solihull is varied depending on who is treating you and what profession they belong to.  At Solihull Back Pain Clinic you have the benefit of a variety of treatment options under one roof which offers you choices of treatment. We of course can advise what we feel is best for your particular complaint, however ultimately you get to choose.
Spinal manipulation is available from an experienced practitioner should it be necessary to realign vertebrae that are stuck or out of alignment.  We offer this service as an alternative to Solihull Chiropractic treatment from Solihull Chiropractors.
Pain between the shoulder blades or upper back pain
is becoming more common these days due to postural
and work influences.  Trigger points often develop in the periscapular muscles and can become very painful.

Bulging discs, prolapsed discs or simply a "slipped disc" are often common terms used for degenerative disc disease.  In some cases the disc material will bulge out and cause a mechanical irritation to adjacent nerve roots resulting in nerve root irritation.
A trapped nerve is what many people describe when they have spinal nerve root irritation.  In the low back, Sciatica would be a common cause of an irritated lumbar nerve root
Back Pain during pregnancy is often uncomfortable and often medication is not desirable or wanted.  In this case pregnancy can be uncomfortable and painful but we offer safe gentle treatment from osteopaths trained in pregnancy back pain and another option is acupuncture that is safe and painless

Sacroiliac joint pain, sacroiliac joint dysfunction SIJD, or sacroiliitis
is another low back pain which occurs out of the blue and can affect anyone.  Often one sided low back pain, it can range from mild discomfort to severe stabbing pain and prevent you from moving.  Referred pain around the hip area and front of the thigh or groin, the sacroiliac joint is often mistaken for back pain.

Symptoms include pain turning in bed, struggling to put shoes and socks on, swinging your legs in and out of the car and rising from a seated position.

Pregnant women suffer from sacroiliac joint pain because the spinal and pelvic ligaments relax during pregnancy allowing the pelvis to move more freely. This can occasionally create an unwanted movement of the SIJ which results in inflammation.

The good news is that Solihull Back Pain Clinic have the answer for sacroiliac joint pain and SIJD and can resolve this problem quickly and effectively.