Solihull Back Pain Clinic
Solihull - Birmingham
Acupuncture for pain relief
Solihull Back Pain Clinic offer acupuncture for back pain and neck pain.  Our female acupuncture practitioner has undergone a 3 year degree course in 5 element acupuncture and has first hand experience in chinese acupuncture techniques.

Shoulder pain and arthritic pain in the hands, knees and joints can benefit from acupuncture.

Acupuncture in Solihull should be painless and safe with insertion of fine sterile disposable needles into meridian points around the body.

Trigger point therapy and dry needling can be used to treat painful muscular trigger points
Acupuncture during pregnancy is ideal for many symptoms of pregnancy such as nausea, back pain and sciatica.

Acupuncture is safe, non invasive and painless so is a great choice for pregnant ladies
Acupuncture for headaches and migraines can be effective.  Tension headaches or cluster headaches can respond well to acupuncture treatment. 
Acupuncture for shoulder pain
Cherry Richards the Atlas acupuncture practitioner